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mac cheap makeup Best Deals Price Explosion If your children ever arrived home from school with head lice, you're almost certainly busy researching the several various head lice treatments that exist. But, startlingly, the most helpful long-term treatment depends on the performance of experienced lice nit pickers. Strong lice treatment shampoos and conditioners will kill live lice (or bugs), they will not kill the nits (or eggs) that will result in a re-infestation unless removed. Nits can survive lice treatment products with unthinkable stubbornness because they are simply "glued" to the hair strand and will continue to be viable until they are manually removed (or picked) from the hair. As a result, the surest way to guarantee an effective lice treatment is to call on the services of trained nit pickers. Why Ask for a Trained Nit Picker's Assistance An professional nit picker inspects the child's entire scalp and hair section by section, looking for live lice and nits and then manually removes live bugs and, especially, the lice eggs (or nits).It's not a simple task. It's tedious, extremely time consuming and demands extremely good eyesight. Nit-picking takes an terribly long length of time, and should be performed at least three times a day to find any new lice that have crawled onto the hair from elsewhere -a different person's hair, a piece of furniture, shared clothing or hair brushes or hats used by another infested person. Although it can be a mind-numbing task, nit picking really is central to efficient head lice treatment. A good nit picker will pursue nits and get rid of all of them. mac beauty products online mac cheap makeup mac beauty products online

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